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Great Expectations – Take Two

Jun 1, 2017   //   by OfficeAdmin   //   From Pastor Andy, Messages  //  No Comments

Being a history-minded person, I like to look back from time to time. With that in mind, I looked back at my Connection article from May of last year. That article was titled “Great Expectations” and in it I spoke in part about the expectations that most of the sports world had placed on my beloved Chicago Cubs. I even wondered if this “could finally be “the year?”’

Well it certainly was as my Cubs won their first Read more >>

Who We Are Together

May 1, 2017   //   by OfficeAdmin   //   From Pastor Andy, Messages  //  Comments Off on Who We Are Together

Last month Pastor Kelly wrote about our need to “belong” to something. She highlighted the fact that our desire to belong is a biological one…satisfying a basic human need to feel connected and safe. I couldn’t agree more! Consider for a moment what groups Read more >>

Give a Little Bit

Apr 1, 2017   //   by OfficeAdmin   //   From Pastor Andy, Messages  //  Comments Off on Give a Little Bit

I know I’m dating myself again but maybe one or two of you will recognize that title as one of the rock group Supertramp’s hits from way back in 1977. So why is this song suddenly running through my head? Well, I’m glad you asked!

I just finished submitting our Rainbow Covenant Report Read more >>

About That New Gig

Mar 1, 2017   //   by OfficeAdmin   //   From Pastor Andy  //  Comments Off on About That New Gig

Last month Pastor Kelly graciously asked for three cheers and some prayer for me in my new role as chair of the cabinet of The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee. I greatly appreciated both her words and especially her continued prayers…as well as yours! I thought I should share a little bit Read more >>