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About That New Gig

Mar 1, 2017   //   by OfficeAdmin   //   From Pastor Andy  //  Comments Off on About That New Gig

Last month Pastor Kelly graciously asked for three cheers and some prayer for me in my new role as chair of the cabinet of The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee. I greatly appreciated both her words and especially her continued prayers…as well as yours! I thought I should share a little bit Read more >>

Did You Get the Invitation?

Feb 1, 2017   //   by OfficeAdmin   //   From Pastor Andy  //  Comments Off on Did You Get the Invitation?

Throughout Epiphany Pastor Kelly and I have been focusing on “Invitation.” We began in early January reflecting on how Jesus began to grab the people’s attention by extending first a simple invitation to “come along and see” what he was all about. From there he began to gather together a core group of followers. These became “the twelve,” individuals who came from many different backgrounds to journey with Jesus throughout his ministry.

The last Sunday in January our Gospel reading Read more >>

It’s a New Year

Jan 1, 2017   //   by OfficeAdmin   //   From Pastor Andy  //  Comments Off on It’s a New Year

What Should Be Different?

It is the season for making resolutions and while we all have our own personal goals, I’d like to suggest that we begin this year focusing on some of John Wesley’s words. It might be that they will not only help shape who we are but will also impact how Read more >>

Reflections on the Election

Dec 1, 2016   //   by OfficeAdmin   //   From Pastor Andy  //  Comments Off on Reflections on the Election

Several months ago I mentioned in a sermon that regardless of who won our presidential election, God would still be God. I’ve found myself going back to those words again and again as I try to make sense of what happened on November 8th. Now, before I go any further Read more >>