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Necessary Space

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The leading idea for this month from The Lewis Center for Church Leadership speaks to my heart. As I continue to be invited to coach area church leaders around the topic of inclusion the conversation about welcoming also becomes important. We are blessed, friends, with a foundational DNA that naturally and easily extends the hand of Christian fellowship with special and just-right attention to our visiting folks.  Somehow we have come to value the open door and the open heart as our minds continue to Read more >>

Thank you, Andy

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Blessings come in ALL shapes and sizes! It is both a joy and a concern that my body size has changed some over the last 10 years, but five years ago it was ALL joy as my heart was expanded exponentially with the approved appointment of Reverend Andy Oren to our staff. The opportunity to welcome Andy, ‘back home’ to practice his particular gifts of connecting people and resources along with his passion for justice and equality have increased my heart and the heart of this congregation. Our capacity for hospitality and compassionate ministry continues to grow and practicing Read more >>

The Blessing of Time

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Everyday I realize, with joy, the blessing of more time here at Bay View United Methodist Church!

  • Building relationships in a culture where relocation is a norm, broken promises saddens many hearts and wellness in body, mind and spirit challenges daily living requires the precious gift that is the consistency of time to grow trust and openness to healing.
  • Visioning for ministry involves the experience of place over time to get a sense of the ebb and flow of need, interest and energy for the work that we’re called to do. Gauging our way forward is an exciting pursuit!
  • Equipping leadership is effective when prayerful consideration, invitation, coaching and launching is given time and adequate space for nurturing and practice.


Invitations, Opportunities, Introductions

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Local church communities form because of common lived experience, common ideals and a common locale. Over the years some stay exactly as they began as generations of families come faithfully through the same doors, sit in the same pews surrounded by the same people doing the same things year after year. Other communities morph as the neighborhood Read more >>