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Invitations, Opportunities, Introductions

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Local church communities form because of common lived experience, common ideals and a common locale. Over the years some stay exactly as they began as generations of families come faithfully through the same doors, sit in the same pews surrounded by the same people doing the same things year after year. Other communities morph as the neighborhood Read more >>

Helpers…What a Blessing!

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The children are on my mind as we round out this Sunday School program year. Our church embraces children in a way I have not experienced elsewhere – ever! You see them and value them and you encourage parents with your support in so many ways. Numbers Read more >>


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– a Lenten Reflection on Membership and Life in Community

Why do you belong? How do you belong?

I am reading a fascinating book by Simon Sinek called, Start with Why. I am discovering that people, including me, need to belong! Our need to belong is biological: it helps us to feel safe and connected and we often actually crave it!

Simon says belonging is something

Jumping Ahead

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Our mild weather has us jumping ahead to thoughts and actions (Pastor Andy playing tennis outside in February – oh my!) that are more spring-like. I find myself almost depressed by Sally Severson’s forecast of snow for this coming weekend, as if we Midwesterners are now exempt from our Read more >>