Ministry Spotlight

Loving Start Preschool:

by Katy Meyer

An Extension of Bayview United Methodist Church

Offering a half day preschool experience especially for 3 and 4 years olds. Some may start when they are

almost 3 or leave after they turn 5. Parents may choose how many days per week is right for their child

with mornings available M-F and afternoon class on Tuesday and Thursday.

This month I interviewed Lucy Meyer, K4 student at Loving Start Preschool:

Mom: Lucy, what room are you in?

Lucy: Butterfly room!

M: Why is it called butterfly room?

L: Because it has butterflies all over the room!

M: What is new about your school this year?

L: Teddy Bear Picnic!

M: What’s your favorite thing to do at school?

L: Paint!

(Noteworthy: The kids now get to paint on easels in the new Art Studio… check it out downstairs.)

M: What’s your favorite thing to do in the climber room?

L: Ride the bikes!

M: What are your teachers like?

L: KIDS!! (We shall give the teachers the benefit of the doubt and assume Lucy

understood the question as “What do your teachers like?” 🙂 Although the great thing

about LSP teachers is that they are like kids with their sense of wonder, discovery and


M: What does your mom like about your preschool?

L: Mom! What do you like about my preschool?

M: I love the developmental approach to learning with hands on sensory activities, social skills through

play, a positive first leaning experience, the super cool parent-child nights (like Fairy Tale night and

Outerspace night), community field trips (like Outpost, Classic Slice and Milwaukee Fire Department),

affordable tuition (5% discount for BVUMC members), and the kind, empathetic teachers. Oh, and of

course, the delicious cookie dough that LSP kids sell every November 🙂