This Is Us

How humbling it is to receive gifts during the holiday season! I’m so grateful for the support and leadership in this congregation and increasingly, in the expressed understanding and willingness to assist in ALL aspects of the ministry. I’m grateful as folks, of ALL ages and stages have not only asked how they can help but have seen beyond the current ‘list of activities’ and have forecast need and their willingness to step up. I truly believe THIS IS US being the Church as Christ might have envisioned it. Meeting need through our gifts and talents as collaborators with Christ for the transformation of [at least our part] of the world!

Our community is in for a very special Advent Season this year! I’m welcoming each of our trained Lay Speakers to offer the messages for each week of Advent. I will be contributing a threshold moment to 10:45am each service that I hope will expand our experience of worship and understanding of “God-With-Us/Emmanuel” this Advent. I will also be available for coordination and leadership for Children’s Ministries for the month of December.

I will preach both the 4:30pm and 10:45pm services on Christmas Eve to bring culmination and celebration to our faithful journey through Advent. Please lift Mark Humphrey, Diane Evans, Susan Troyer and Judie Liebenstein in your daily prayers as they study and prepare to offer each week’s sermon.

Peace be with each of you,

Pastor Kelly

P.S.: Did you catch/like the way I used the hit TV show about triplets title without focusing on triplets?!