Another Opportunity to Teach – YAY!

The Annual Stewardship Campaign this October is themed: “Stewardship 101”

Although the finances of a Church are run like any other business when it comes to money going out – the way in which we bring money in is very very unique! We exist because of the generosity of our parishioners and community partners who believe in the mission and ministry of this place. Let’s look at some assumptions people often make about church:

Church Members/Friends Pay Set Dues:  False

  • Church members/friends choose to make an offering
  • Church members additionally offer a yearly gift (apportionment) that supports our worldwide connection as United Methodists.

The Church Is Funded By A Larger Organization Called The Conference:  False

  • The Church is funded by its current parishioners and memorial gifts with the occasional small grant or gift of gratitude.


Staff Salaries Cover The Ministry Work So People Don’t Need To Help Out:  False

  • ALL staff, except Pr. Kelly, work ½ time or less hours. Some are volunteers.

Church Leaders Don’t Ask Me To Help:  False

  • Church leaders are not mind readers! EVERYONE is welcome to create, work, support, fund and tell the stories about the ministry we share.

These are some of the basic understandings of stewardship that will be addressed during the month of October’s Stewardship Campaign: Stewardship 101. Be willing in the coming month to engage in learning something new about stewardship! Risk taking a new step for 2017 in this area of discipleship. And, begin now to pray with me about our heartfelt, informed, and generous response to the needs of our Church to effectively do ministry in the coming year. It is my honor and joy to share the stewardship and leadership responsibilities of our church with you once again this Fall!

Peace to each of you,

Pastor Kelly