Focus On: Christian Help, Inc. – WV

by Katy Meyer

Christian Help will again be our Christmas gift drive partners this year. Christian Help is located in West Virginia in an area of low incomes and high unemployment. Last year they were so grateful as we sent over 60 children’s gifts and sponsored several Christmas meals. Donations were also collected for postage to send these items to their new homes. Your generosity was  appreciated.

This year’s gift drive is a little different. We have been given a special request which is to shop for the middle school and high school youth that often don’t get “chosen” off the other wish trees. While it may be fun for us to pick out Barbies and stuffed animals, it is truly rewarding to offer a special item to a teen.  The adolescent years will shape their lives and how they are lived. A little kindness can go a long way.  Don’t Worry! We will have gift tags with item requests and suggestions so you don’t have to Google “Katy Perry” or “One Direction” in order to shop! Gifts should NOT be wrapped, but placed in a gift bag if desired.

Our Christmas gift drive will run throughout NOVEMBER and items must be packed and in the mail on Monday, November 30th. Final Sunday to bring your gift or monetary donation will be Sunday November 29th!! Contact Katy Meyer if you are willing to help pack boxes on Nov 30th.  Mark your calendars and prepare to spread some Joy and Love!