Have You Noticed That Rack of Greeting Cards in Our Gathering Space?

Many of us walk right past it on Sunday morning without giving it a second thought. I know I do. That is exactly why I am taking time to tell you…the rest of the story!

For a good many years we have had a dedicated group of women meeting twice a month to rip, tear and otherwise recycle used greeting cards which are then offered for sale to us, the members of this church. And where do they get these old cards? From us! I will say that I dutifully save all my birthday and Christmas cards and when I have a stack, I bring them in and drop them in their “In” basket. If you don’t already do that I would urge you to make it a habit in the future.

However, we are not the Card Ministry’s best customers. Over the last several years they have been taking their cards on the road. Once a month they set up at a local senior living facility, such as Howard Village. And I have to tell you…the residents there go wild for these cards! Many of them don’t have the ready access to Walgreens, Hallmark or the Dollar Store that we enjoy. These cards provide a wonderful way for them to stay in touch with friends and relatives.

And despite selling for only fifty cents apiece…the profits add up! So what happens to the money this ministry brings in? That’s the best part of this story. In each of the last two years these ladies have gifted nine different local mission organizations with over two thousand dollars…that’s a lot of cards, folks!

This group meets in the library at 12:30pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month and they are always looking for new helpers. I realize meeting during the day might not be possible for some so they are also open to teaching anyone who wants to learn how to prepare cards at home. If you want to learn more about this wonderful ministry simply ask Jan Liebenstein, Linda Becker, Dorie Fortner, Susan Troyer, Hertha Kornkven, Kay Putney, Wendy Boedecker or Jean Larsen.


Pastor Andy