It’s Summertime, And the Living is Easy!

Okay, maybe it’s not summer yet…but we can see it from here! I don’t know about you but I love this time of year. Baseball has a lot to do with that and this year my Cubbies are even supposed to be good. I know…they’re still the Cubs but hope does spring eternal, right?

I also love this time of year because there summer is…stretching out ahead of us, beckoning us to come enjoy every moment of it. For me summer means softball games, picnics, parades, tennis and nights at Chill on the Hill. Every day seems to offer new opportunities to hang with old friends and maybe even make some new friends. So yeah…I love summer!

Personally this summer is going to be way different than any previous one as Julie is retiring at the end of June…yippee! I am overjoyed when I think about the new freedom she will enjoy and the fact that we will be able to do more things together in the warmth of the sun. We’re already planning a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway for the end of July. God is good!

But what about our life together here at church? I already mentioned Chill on the Hill, the Humboldt Park music program. That’s been a great venue for us as a church to not only hang out together but to engage the community on the nights we sponsor when set up our tent and hand out our promotional stuff…a.k.a. ducks!

I also appreciate the freedom of “Ordinary Time”…that period in our lectionary cycle between Easter/Pentecost and the beginning of another Advent season. It’s probably the most relaxed time for pastors so it allows us to connect with our congregations in meaningful ways that are sometimes harder to accomplish in the midst of the busyness that often accompanies so much of the rest of the church year.

With that in mind, it’s my hope that “we” can hang out together this summer, that we can grow in our understanding of each other and maybe even of God’s love, a love that encompasses ALL of us. This might happen on the golf course, the tennis court, the softball field, someone’s backyard…who knows…maybe even in church!

I’m excited for the coming months and I hope you are too. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Go Cubs!

Pastor Andy