The Blessing of Time

Everyday I realize, with joy, the blessing of more time here at Bay View United Methodist Church!

  • Building relationships in a culture where relocation is a norm, broken promises saddens many hearts and wellness in body, mind and spirit challenges daily living requires the precious gift that is the consistency of time to grow trust and openness to healing.
  • Visioning for ministry involves the experience of place over time to get a sense of the ebb and flow of need, interest and energy for the work that we’re called to do. Gauging our way forward is an exciting pursuit!
  • Equipping leadership is effective when prayerful consideration, invitation, coaching and launching is given time and adequate space for nurturing and practice.

For me, every morning begins with prayers of thanksgiving for the life I have, the depth of family I claim and the gift of work that is being in ministry with ALL of you here at Bay View United Methodist Church.

Even into its 10th year, this way of starting the day does NOT get old! It gets richer and better and deeper in its sincerity and hope for the way God is using our time together to grow our discipleship and to increase the family of God right here in our little part of the Earth, as it is in Heaven.

Let it be that each of you would know my heartfelt gratitude for availing yourselves to my being your pastor, a place I am blessed to share with Pastor Andy! And let it be that together we will ALL continue to be ALL that God calls us to be!

Peace be with each of you. Pastor Kelly